MINT LAMA offers a vibrant collection of stand up paddle boards that shine through their quality, innovation, and design. Since our founding in 2016, we've been all about developing exceptional water sports gear. Our SUP boards are the results of a deep passion and enthusiasm for water activities combined with a pursuit of perfection.

What are SUP Boards?

Stand up paddle boards offer a unique way to experience the water, blending traditional surfing with paddling for a new and thrilling water sport activity. At MINT LAMA, we've got an extensive range of inflatable SUP paddle board kits tailored to suit a variety of needs and skill levels.

Choosing the Right SUP Board

Picking the perfect stand up paddle board is key for the best experience on the water. Consider these points:

  • Purpose: Are you looking to paddle on calm lakes, surf waves, or do yoga on the water? Different boards are suited for different activities.
  • Experience Level: Beginners and pros have varying needs. It's crucial to choose a board that matches your skill level.
  • Size and Weight: Your body size and weight are important in selecting the right board.

Boards for Beginners

For newcomers, we suggest our stable and user-friendly models (Alpaka and Origin). These boards are wider and longer for improved stability and control. Our inflatable SUP paddle board models are great for those who value convenience, as they're easy to transport and store.

Boards for Pros

Professional paddlers need boards designed for speed and maneuverability. Our SUP boards strike the perfect balance between stability and performance. The top-tier SUP boards (Racer and SUPreme) in our lineup are crafted for experienced paddlers seeking the ultimate water adventure.

Inflatable SUP Boards: Flexibility and Comfort

Inflatable stand up paddle boards offer an excellent mix of flexibility and comfort. They're easy to carry, simple to store, yet provide a solid platform for all your water sports adventures. At MINT LAMA, quality is a priority for our inflatable SUP boards, ensuring they meet the demands of water sports enthusiasts. Our selection of inflatable SUP boards is perfect for adventurers, travelers, families, and anyone wanting the freedom to take their board anywhere.

SUP Boards for Every Need

SUP boards are incredibly versatile and can be used for a range of activities. Here’s what our SUP boards can do:

  • Touring and Racing: Check out our high-quality SUP boards designed for speed and long distances. (e.g., Adventourer SUP Board)
  • Yoga and Fitness: Our wide and stable boards are ideal for yoga and fitness routines on the water. (e.g., Family SUP Board)
  • Beginners and All-rounders: Our beginner SUP board models let you enjoy nature solo or engage in fun family activities.
  • Wave Surfing: Our smaller SUP boards can also tackle the surf in choppy water.

Features of Our SUP Boards

MINT LAMA's Stand up Paddle boards stand out with unique features:

  • Quality Materials: We use only premium materials to ensure the durability and performance of our boards.
  • Innovative Design: Our boards are not just functional but visually appealing with a variety of designs and colors.
  • Complete Sets: Our SUP board sets come with everything you need to get started, including paddle, pump, and backpack.

Our team in Switzerland stands behind these innovations.

Why Paddle on a SUP Board?

Stand up paddle boarding is a relaxing yet challenging way to move on the water, offering an excellent workout for your core muscles, improving balance, and allowing you to enjoy nature's beauty. It also lets you surf and explore the water in a whole new way. At MINT LAMA, we provide SUP boards suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers, fostering a love for stand up paddle boarding in Switzerland and beyond.