SUP accessories

Dive into the ultimate collection of the best SUP accessories, for every water adventure, whether you're a SUP beginner or an experienced paddler. From waterproof sunscreen with SPF 30 and 50, ensuring skin protection during your tour, to waterproof speakers, a leash, and even a comfortable kayak seat – we've thought of everything you might need.

Our product range of SUP board accessories has been carefully selected and tested to meet the expectations of water sports enthusiasts.

Sounds on the Water: Premium Waterproof Speakers

Our range of practical, durable, and waterproof speakers enhances your SUP experience, allowing you to enjoy either calming melodies or energetic beats. These inflatable Stand up Paddle accessories, including the magnetic LamaBeat 1 Speaker, are user-friendly, compact, and come with secure mounting options, letting you immerse in your paddling adventure without a worry.

Paddling Under the Sun: Essential Waterproof Sunscreen

While standing on a Stand up paddle board under the sun, high-quality sunscreen is indispensable. Our waterproof sunscreens, available in SPF 30 and SPF 50 for both adults and children, provide excellent protection against harmful UV rays. This allows you to focus on the joy of paddling without having to worry about sunburn or skin damage. Formulated specifically for athletes, these sunscreens are waterproof and sweat-resistant, ensuring they remain effective even during vigorous activity, and their lightweight formula doesn’t leave a sticky feeling.

Enhanced Safety and Comfort: Leash and Kayak Seat Accessories

Our SUP leash ensures a blend of safety and comfort, keeping you secured to your SUP board should you fall in. This sense of security enables complete focus on your paddling. Designed for durability and compatibility with all Stand up paddle boards, our leash is a must-have SUP paddle board accessory.

Transform your SUP experience with the MINT LAMA Kayak Seat, an essential among SUP board accessories for those seeking extra support and comfort on longer journeys. Easily attachable to most SUP boards, it offers substantial back support for extended paddling sessions.

Versatile Use: Interchangeable Fins for SUP

Explore our premium selection of inflatable SUP accessories, including high-quality replacement fins, perfect for paddlers looking to swap out lost or damaged fins. These fins are built to last, guaranteeing that your stand-up paddleboarding adventures can go on without interruption.

Ready for Anything: SUP Board Repair Kits and Glue

Our SUP board repair kits are essential for handling the unexpected, keeping  you prepared for minor damages during your water excursions. For more significant repairs, our SUP board glue is designed specifically for SUP boards, providing robust and lasting fixes.

Using these repair kits is simple. Please don’t forget to mention your SUP board model when ordering to guarantee compatibility of the kit. 

With this extensive range of SUP accessories and more you're equipped and prepared for any adventure.