SUP Transport

Stand Up Paddling is more than just a sport—it's a passion that brings freedom and adventure on the water. But, before the adventure can start, getting your SUP board to the water safely and easily is a must. That's where SUP transport comes in, offering a way to carry your board solo and fully inflated. At MINT LAMA, we focus on effective solutions, which is why we offer a Swiss-manufactured transport option for your SUP board. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, having the right transport gear is essential for a relaxed paddling experience.

Efficient SUP Board Transport

An efficient SUP transport not only protects your board from damage but also makes the journey to the water smoother. With the right transport solutions, you can save time and ensure your board stays in very good condition. The SUPmover is a SUP transport product, mainly mounted in the fin box, offering various options for many iSUP types.

Efficient SUP transport is not just about convenience but also safety. By securely transporting your board, you extend its duration of life and ensure endless fun on the water. Explore the possibilities and find the perfect transport solution for your SUP board at MINT LAMA.

Different Transport Options

The SUPmover set can be selected for transporting the SUP board, depending on the board type. Individual kits/components can also be purchased. MINT LAMA has pre-assembled these sets for you:

  • SET SUPmover + Kit SUPus suitable for US-Box Fin system / Click-In Fin.
  • SET SUPmover + Kit SUPsteck suitable for Steckfinne / Slide-In Fin.
  • SET SUPmover + Kit SUPi suitable for non-removable fins.
  • SET SUPmover + Kit SUPdual suitable for dual fin box systems: US-Box and Slide-In fins. 
(All components can also be ordered individually)

An alternative transport option is to carry the Stand up Paddle sets directly in SUP backpacks. Specially designed for inflatable SUP boards, these backpacks offer a practical way to securely store and comfortably transport the board along with its accessories.

Features and Benefits of Our SUP Movers

Our SUP transport products provide high comfort for transporting your board. Here are some standout features and benefits:

  • User-friendliness: The SUPmover is easy to assemble, simplifying the transport of your SUP board.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, SUPmover guarantees long-lasting performance even under tough conditions.
  • Versatility: The individual SUPmover kits can be assembled into various configurations.
  • Compatibility: The SUPmover transport solution fits common fin box systems and those without removable fins.
  • Safety: Secure attachment and stable transport of your board are our priorities, ensuring your board arrives undamaged and ready for the next water adventure.
  • Swiss Made: 100% produced in Switzerland.

SUPmover carries — you paddle. The most innovative way to effortlessly transport your inflated MINT LAMA SUP. Visit our SUP transport page and find the perfect solution for your SUP adventure.