Stand Up Paddle

MINT LAMA offers a wide range of stand-up paddle boards that are known for their top quality and eye-catching designs. Since the company was founded in 2016, MINT LAMA has focused on the production of exceptional water sports products. These products are the result of a passion for water sports.

What is a Stand Up Paddle Board?

Stand-up paddle boards offer a unique way to enjoy the water by blending surfing with paddling, creating an exciting new water sport experience. MINT LAMA provides a variety of inflatable stand-up paddle board sets tailored to different needs and skill levels.

Choosing Your Stand Up Paddle Board

When picking out a stand-up paddle board, consider its intended use, your personal experience level, and your body size and weight to ensure the best experience on the water.

Beginner Stand Up Paddle Boards

Beginners should check out our stable and beginner-friendly models like the Alpaka and the Origin, designed for better stability and control. Our inflatable models are lightweight and convenient, perfect for easy transport and storage.

Boards for the Experienced Paddler

Our range of performance boards, such as the Adventourer or Family, are ideal for experienced paddlers and families. They offer excellent stability but are also designed for precision and speed.

Boards for the Professional Paddler

Professional paddlers will appreciate boards designed for speed and agility, like our Racer and SUPreme models, which are focused on performance.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards: Versatility and Convenience

MINT LAMA's inflatable stand-up paddle boards are easy to transport and store, providing a solid foundation for your water sport adventures. These boards are suitable for all ages, travelers, and families who prioritize quality.

Stand Up Paddle for Various Needs

Stand-up paddles are incredibly versatile and can be used for various activities. Here are some of the applications our stand-up paddles accommodate:

  • Touring and Racing: Discover our high-quality stand-up paddles designed for speed and long distances, like the SUPreme SUP.
  • Yoga and Fitness: The wide and stable boards are perfect for yoga and fitness exercises on the water, like the Family SUP Board.
  • Beginner and All-Around Fun: With our beginner models, you can enjoy nature solo or use them for fun family activities, like the Alpaka SUP.

Features of Our Stand Up Paddle Boards

MINT LAMA's stand-up paddles boast several special features:

  • High-Quality Materials: We exclusively use premium materials to ensure the durability and performance of our paddles.
  • Innovative Design: Our stand-up paddles impress with their diverse designs and color options.
  • Complete Packages: Our stand-up paddle sets include everything you need for the SUP experience, including paddle, pump, and backpack.

Our team in Switzerland is behind all these innovations.

Why Paddle on a Stand Up Paddle Board?

Paddling on a stand-up paddle board is a relaxing yet challenging way to move through the water. It offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen your core muscles, improve your balance, and enjoy the beauty of nature. It also allows a completely new way to surf and explore on water. At MINT LAMA, we offer stand-up paddles suitable for beginners, intermediates, and experienced paddlers, promoting the excitement for stand-up paddle boarding in Switzerland and beyond.