The trend sport which originated from Hawaii has become a very popular water activity on Swiss waters for several years now. Anyone who's tried standing on a SUP board is quickly captivated.
Stand Up Paddling is a water sport that's not just fun but also provides a perfect workout for the entire body. The constant need to maintain balance on the board effectively strengthens key body parts, including leg and glute muscles, as well as the abdomen and arms. This not only builds muscle but also improves balance. Since it has a low impact on joints and has minimal cardiovascular strain, even older individuals can easily take up this trendy sport.

Stand Up Paddling is suitable for people of all ages: whether you're a kid, young, or older, with or without prior paddling experience. Paddling is easy to pick up and enjoyable, whether you are solo or in a group.

SUP for Beginners – How to Get Started?

Are you new here and wondering how to begin? Don't worry, we've got everything you need to kick off your SUP adventure. Stand Up Paddling is not just an excellent sport for staying fit, but also an amazing way to enjoy nature.

Beginners should start with a stable and wide board. Our models like the Family 10'6 or the Alpaca 11'0" are perfect for newcomers. They provide ample stability and make learning the basics a breeze.

SUP Accessories – Essential Gear for Water Adventures

SUP is not just about the board and paddle. The right accessories can significantly enhance your experience on the water. Some of these accessories come with the purchase of a SUP set, while others can be added on.

Top SUP gear:

  • SUP Leash: A leash keeps the paddler connected to the board, increasing safety, especially in deep water.
  • SUP Pumps: An efficient pump is crucial for getting your inflatable SUP ready quickly. Our pumps are user-friendly and powerful, making inflation a breeze.
  • Backpacks: To comfortably transport your SUP, we offer special backpacks with and without wheels. They're spacious, durable, and designed to safely store the board and accessories.
  • SUP Transport Solutions: Whether for short trips to the beach or longer journeys, our transport solutions ensure your Stand up Paddle arrives safely and undamaged. Discover our various options now!
  • Paddles: With the right paddle, you can paddle more efficiently and with less effort, allowing you to enjoy your water adventure longer.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Bring along the waterproof LamaBeat for unforgettable summer days on the lake with your favorite soundtracks.