SUP Backpacks

Since 2016, we've been proudly guiding our customers through the captivating world of nature, water, and sports with MINT LAMA. Beyond the products, it's the shared experiences and valuable feedback from our customers that influence the evolution of our accessories. Our SUP backpacks which are specifically designed for this purpose are more than mere transportation tools; they're the ultimate sidekick for anyone eager to take their stand-up paddle everywhere they go.

Who are SUP backpacks designed for?

Stand-up paddling (SUP) has evolved beyond a trendy sport into a global passion, bringing together a diverse community. However, the unique needs of the SUP crowd call for special backpacks. That's where our MINT LAMA SUP backpacks step in: developed to meet the different needs of SUP enthusiasts. Our backpacks accommodate all SUPs, from the lightest to the largest models.

Why a SUP board backpack with wheels is a must-have

Sometimes, adventure is a journey away, and the last thing anyone wants is to carry all their Stand up paddle gear over long distances. That’s where our wheeled SUP backpacks come in. These bags with smart designs merge traditional backpacks with the convenience of a rolling suitcase. Acting like a multitasker, they adjust smoothly to different scenarios. Smooth wheels glide over various terrains, making gear transport easy. Whether heading to the beach, lake, or airport, a wheeled SUP backpack simplifies taking your SUP gear along.

The benefits of a sup backpack without wheels

Backpacks without wheels have their unique appeal, offering specific advantages for outdoor enthusiasts. These models stand out for their lightweight and high flexibility, making them ideal backpacks for outdoor activities. Without the extra wheels and frame, storage becomes much simpler: they fit into drybags or can be compactly folded and packed onto the board. For those seeking a genuine, authentic outdoor experience and are okay with skipping on extras, our wheel-less backpacks for SUP are the perfect match.