Skinners footwear offers a unique blend between the comfort of socks and the essential protection of shoes, making them the ideal choice for your next adventure. With a perforated insole, durable polymer sole, and functional fibers, Skinners shoes provide the perfect combination of lightweight design and robust protection. These skinners sock shoes are your go-to gear, whether you're exploring the great outdoors or navigating the urban jungle.

Water Sports 

Water, sea, beach 

Wherever your aquatic adventures take you, ensure your feet are protected and free to move with Skinners water sports shoes. They offer the support and comfort you need to swim with or against the current, allowing you to enjoy every moment in and out of the water.

Yoga & Fitness

Your Workout Wardrobe Essential

Whether you're striking a pose indoors or outdoors, in a lotus position or a warrior stance, doing squats or planks, Skinners provide ultimate stability and grip. These shoes help you maintain posture and balance during all your fitness activities, making them the perfect companion for your training.

Hiking & Camping

Redefined Comfort

Craving a hike? Experience the terrain like never before with Skinners. And when you're back at the camp, slip into your Skinners to keep your feet clean, dry, and protected while you relax on a walk around the campsite. They are perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.

Running & Walking

Freedom for Your Feet

Try the footwear that adapts to your feet, activates muscles and tendons, and offers unparalleled freedom. With Skinners, you'll experience no limits with every step, stretching, and activating your feet for a truly liberating experience.

Travel Light with Skinners

Say goodbye to heavy luggage and conventional shoes. Skinners make long-distance travel, including long flights or bus journeys, less exhausting for your feet. They easily pass through airport security checks, making them the smart choice for the clever traveler.