Phone case

Phone cases are essential accessories that keep your device ready for action, whether you're exploring dry land or diving into the deep blue! The MINT LAMA phone case is your go-to option for using your smartphone safely at the beach, in the water, or while stand-up paddleboarding. With a lightweight design at only 0.09 kg and available in  black and white, this case ensures superior protection against water, sand and dirt.
Waterproof and versatile: Not only is our phone case waterproof, but it's also buoyant. Keep your smartphone protected from moisture, sand, sunscreen, and grime. With an IPX8 rating, it stays sealed up to 10 meters underwater and is even saltwater resistant.

Transparent design:
Capture underwater photos and videos without compromising touch functionality, thanks to a double-sided transparent plastic pouch.

Easy to carry:
The included strap lets you wear your phone around your neck for easy access, or you can secure it to your stand-up paddleboard's bungee cord.

Universal fit:
This case accommodates smartphones up to 5.8 inches, including various iPhone and Samsung models, with a snap-and-lock closure for simple yet effective protection.

Note: Please be aware that the fingerprint sensor and home button may not be accessible for some smartphone models within the case.

With the MINT LAMA phone case, your smartphone becomes an essential partner for all your outdoor and aquatic adventures, keeping it safe while you're making waves. Whether you need a waterproof phone case for your beach days or a transparent phone case to capture underwater memories effortlessly, this versatile accessory has you covered.